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Take the guesswork out of going solar by using our easy-to-use tool. Simply enter your energy requirements to determine the ideal size of your solar system. Instantly see the estimated cost, annual savings, and payback period for your investment. Start your journey towards energy independence and sustainability today with Home Smart Energy.

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What information do I need to use the Solar Calculator?

You'll need to know your average monthly energy consumption, which can be found on your electricity bill. This helps the calculator estimate the size of the solar system you need. Don't worry if you don't have this to hand, there is an option where you can select the number of people in your household and we can estimate your electricity usage.

How accurate are the cost and savings estimates provided by the calculator?

The calculator provides an estimate based on average costs and energy rates. For a precise quote, we recommend scheduling a consultation with our team.

Can the calculator show the payback period for my investment?

Yes, the calculator estimates the time it will take for your solar system to pay for itself through energy savings, giving you a clear picture of your return on investment.

Does the calculator take into account potential incentives or rebates?

The calculator includes general information on common incentives and rebates, but for detailed and localised information, a consultation with our experts is advised.

What if my energy usage changes over time?

The calculator provides a snapshot based on current usage. If your energy needs change, our team can help reassess your system to ensure it meets your future requirements.

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